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On behalf of creating optimal value for our partners, we believe below mentioned keys to success and competitive USP’ are the right ones for us to develop our business on.

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Biegga   We strive to develop together with our partners and are used to keep a high level of confidentiality and doing exclusivity based designs for our customers.
Biegga   Innovation is central – what we invent today is tomorrows driver.
Biegga   Explicit setup of Chinese and Danish companies surrounding the plants for specific and different purposes, such as financing, steel construction, galvanizing, logistics, exports, quality control etc.
Biegga   Patent holder of several different patents within logistic- and packaging solutions, telecom towers and towers for windmills, specific solutions for helping the site development of the towers etc.
Biegga   Huge innovative, production and construction knowledge.
Biegga   The company is having severe quality control on its production line to assure that quality is met.
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ATM Towers will primarily target the telecom and windmill industry, and is looking to build alliances with industry leaders. Because of its status as one of the few tower construction companies combining the low manufacturing costs in China with Danish design and quality control, the competition is constantly held at bay by ATM Towers. We have experienced that ATM Towers is met with fervour in this industry.

ISO 9000 production
Besides manufacturing plant for steel construction, we have local exclusive galvanizing plant and workshop for packaging solutions
Capable of manufacturing all different kinds of towers and poles for electricity, lamps and other potential solutions

Very experienced staff
Management and export department talks fluently English and more other languages on demand.

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  ATM white Competitive USP’:
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Biegga   Best solution in the market with regards to price/quality
Biegga   Innovation leader within lighter and stronger steel constructions
Biegga   Best logistical and packaging solutions
Biegga   Highest level of delivering accuracy combined with the markets shortest delivery times
Biegga   New and modern manufacturing plant – build to comply with strongly increasing demands
Biegga   Huge 6-digit production capacity measured in number of towers, which rapidly can be increased by further demands
Biegga   Strong ownership with Chinese and Danish partners, where the Chinese part is specialized in production and steel industry and the Danish part focus on sales, product design and -development, innovation, quality control and production efficiency.
Biegga   Different solutions already available within camouflaged poles
Biegga   Guaranteed long durability and different solutions within specific guarantee demands and different quality levels
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