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ATM Towers A/S
ATM Towers is a steel construction company based on a takeover from the tower factory Shandong Longfu Puyang Tower Co., Ltd.

ATM Towers is headed by Mr. Jens Christian Langhoff, who has direct knowledge of the industry and extensive research and development experience within the steel construction industry. Mr. Langhoff has been associated with the steel industry for forty years, and has seen many developments in the steel construction and manufacturing industries. There has been a need for new product innovation in the tower construction industry. This is what prompted him to develop new steel tower solutions, based on different construction patents.
ATM Towers manufactures steel towers. These towers are till now supported by three patents.

ATM white Company Ownership
ATM Towers is based on Shandong Longfu Puyang Tower Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2009 in Laiwu, P.r.C. by Mr. Jens Christian Langhoff. Today there are several investors securing a strong financial setup with a company registration of 16 million RMB.

Company Locations and Facilities
The location of the first operating plant is in Laiwu, P.r.C., 500 km south of Beijing. This location was chosen because of its proximity to both road and sea transportation plus advantages in being located in one of the World’s biggest areas for steel industry, being close to steel sub suppliers. The area has been designated by the government as an Enterprise Zone, thus offering us benefits and incentives to set up our operation.

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To be the most professional and innovative global partner within development and production of steel tower solutions

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Delivering value to our customers by supplying optimal solutions within the steel tower industry
ATM Towers strives to Deliver value to our customers by supplying optimal solutions within the steel tower industry. We intend to accomplish this through a strict quality-control program, timely deliveries, and competitive pricing.
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To be a profitable steel tower manufacturer delivering value for our partners

Honesty, loyalty, trustworthy, flexibility

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